We build collaborative teams based on the needs of each project.

Our collaborators are some pretty rad folks too! Check them out below:

Tara Adiseshan

Tara is a programmer, designer, and digital security trainer who enjoys thinking and building at intersections.

Sarah Aoun

Sarah is a data activist with a focus on tech and human rights. She is a programmer, an Open Web Fellow with the Mozilla Foundation, and a trainer in data-driven storytelling, ethical data, and data privacy.

Anjum Mubarak Asharia

Anjum is a media maker at the intersection of public art and social justice.

Sasha Costanza-Chock

Sasha (they/them) is a scholar, activist, media maker, and troublemaker. They are also a co-founder of RAD.

Charlie DeTar

Charlie DeTar is a web developer, activist, and wilderness devotee living in Montana. He currently splits time between www.boss-inc.com and literati.com, while running silly distances.

For more, see https://tirl.org/.

Design Action Collective

Design Action is a worker-owned cooperative providing graphic design and web development for progressive, non-profit and social change organizations.

For more, see https://designaction.org.

Sahar Driver

Sahar is an impact and engagement strategist who specializes in the use of film + media to advance social change.

For more, see https://www.sahardriver.com/.

Pascal Emmer

Pascal is a researcher, writer, and visual artist who uses collaborative design and participatory research to create stories and possibilities for a future otherwise.

Berhan Taye Gemeda

Berhan is a social justice activist, a peace studies practitioner, and an avid advocate for open data and the open web.

Ryan Gerety

Ryan is a researcher, trainer and programmer based in Washington D.C. She partners with organizers and community groups using data and technology to address social justice issues in their communities.

Austin Guest

Austin writes code to tear down power and build up movements. He is co-founder of The LearningCollective and lead developer of [email protected], a secure location-sharing app made by and for activists.

Kimber Heinz / Scaffold Exhibits & Consulting

Kimber is the owner and lead exhibition developer at Scaffold. Scaffold helps institutions, organizations, and communities tell their stories creatively and share them with wider audiences, bringing people together and convening groups for important conversations.

For more, see https://scaffoldexhibits.com.

Lucero Herrera

Lucero is a researcher, urban planner and data enthusiast, with a deep-rooted passion for vallenato.

Bex Hurwitz

Bex is a co-designer and maker of media and technology for social justice, and a co-founder of Research Action Design.

Inez Healing Arts

Inez is an intuitive energy medicine practitioner, certified sound healer, ayurvedic and healing touch therapist. She is a trained herbal medicine-woman, mindfulness meditation and hypnotherapy guide.

For more, see https://www.inezhealingarts.com.

Marisa Morán Jahn

Marisa is an artist, transmedia producer, and the founder of Studio REV-. She codesigns public art and creative media with low-wage workers, immigrants, and women instigating projects such as Bibliobandido (a story-eating, burro-riding bandit); The NannyVan and CareForce One (two mobile vehicles codesigned with caregivers).

For more, see https://www.marisajahn.com/.

Andalusia Knoll

Andalusia is a multimedia journalist, printmaker, bicycle mechanic and DJ who aspires to connect social struggles across radio waves, dance floors & printing presses.

For more, see https://andalalucha.tumblr.com/.

Tatiana Lam

Tatiana Lam is a graphic designer and motion graphics animator residing in NYC, specializing in broadcast design and social justice campaigns.

For more, see https://tatianalam.com/.

Maria Lamardo

Maria Lamardo is a passionate Front End Engineer, Accessibility Consultant, International Speaker, Vue.js Community Partner, World Vue Founder, and organizer of multiple Meetups in her area. Maria’s passion for accessibility stems from her work as a BCaBA providing behavioral therapy for people with developmental disabilities for over 8 years.

Una Lee

Una is a designer who works with communities to envision and build a more just and beautiful world.

For more, see https://www.andalsotoo.net/.

Aylwin Lo

Aylwin provides creative technology, user experience design, and motion graphics expertise to filmmakers, artists, and non-profit organizations. With a history in organizing with migrant farmworkers and labour rights, he currently works for a Canadian communications firm serving unions and other progressive organizations.

For more, see https://aylwinlo.ca/.

Puck Lo

Puck is a writer, researcher and producer who believes that words lead to actions.

For more, see https://www.pucklo.com/.

Aditi Mehta

Aditi Mehta is an educator and scholar of urban studies and planning. She is committed to using participatory and collaborative research methods that facilitate the democratic production of knowledge and social change.

For more, see https://aditimehta.info/.

Diana Nucero

Diana has an expertise in engaging multi-generational, diverse communities in exploring innovative technology solutions.

Mara Ortenburger

Mara does research for justice, makes media for movements, and loves that critical public health.

Palante Technology Cooperative

Palante is a worker cooperative that provides IT, web, database and digital security services to nonprofit progressive, social justice, and community organizations.

For more, see https://palantetech.coop.

People's Health Solutions

People’s Health Solutions is a team of scientists and artists whose mission is to help build healthy and sustainable communities. We help health and human service organizations amplify their impact by understanding community needs; defining what it means to be successful; and showing results through data visualization and storytelling.

For more, see https://www.peopleshealthsolutions.com.

Queer Black Editing

Increasingly anti-colonial, community-focused and current, Queer Black Editing offers holistic, soul-centered copyediting and proofreading services for justice-minded organizations and creative writers.

For more, see https://www.queerblackediting.com/.

Stephen Rye Switzer

Stephen Rye Switzer has more than 10+ years experience in accounting for social enterprises. Based in Oakland, California, Stephen specializes in non-profits, B-Corps, cooperatives and social enterprises around the world. Stephen is a graduate of Middlebury College and is a 3rd generation bookkeeper.

For more, see https://ryefinancial.com/.

Nat Smith

Nat is a black, queer, gender-variant anti-capitalist bookkeeper (it’s true, we DO exist!), specializing in radical nonprofits, individuals and collectives for over 7 years.

Anne Tomasevich

Anne is a developer focused on building user interfaces that are accessible to all. She works at the Wikimedia Foundation.

Saba Waheed

Saba is research director at the UCLA Labor Center, interested in ways to research from the ground up, and also produces the storytelling show about work, reworkradio.org.

For more, see https://reworkradio.org/.